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Friday, July 27, 2012

North Korea Makes A Tablet That Nobody Can Buy

North Korea Makes A Tablet That Nobody Can Buy

North Korea is the odd one out of all the Communist countries left in the world. While other communist nations (i.e. China) have made strides to become more open and work with the world, North Korea is content to be the kid in the corner throwing a temper tantrum every few days. That doesn’t mean the country is behind the times.

According to the North Korea Tech blog, the new tablet is called “Achim” which translates into “morning.” State-run television says the tablet is a hit among students because it provides “teaching materials, references, dictionaries and scientific data.” Unless those school children have connections, I highly doubt any of them can actually afford it.
It’s obvious that the tablet is just another attempt on the part of North Korea to stand up screaming, “Me too!” to the world. After being left in the dust by every other developed nation in the world, the country probably believes that they have to do more than just build nukes to catch the attention of the world.

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